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Material World box

This box includes:


  • LED Pocket Light: This is a credit card-sized light source which could live in your wallet! Want to silently applaud the brilliance of a team member during a serious meeting? Place it on the conference table, lift the flat “bulb” to send a silent compliment. Or use it as a subtle Do Not Disturb signal outside your office. Good for readingmenus in dark Italian restaurants, too. Ciao!

  • Mini-Shopping Cart Desk Caddy: This wee shopping cart can hold 20 pens or pencils! Next time Joyce from Billing whines about forgetting to bring a pen, roll this cart full of ballpoints over to her and say, “Use one of mine, but don’t run off with it.”

  • Handle With Care Tape: We dig the retro products that get sent our way. When we found this incredibly sticky packing tape, we knew it was a good fit. As these charming graphics look like they were created in the 1920s, this spool of tape is much livelier than that Priority Mail tape Ernie at Reception picked up from the post office.

  • Splendid Fountain PenAs a youngster, our founder was obsessed with fountain pens. He’d spend countless hours pretending to sign autographs for his adoring fans, using a fountain pen exactly like this one. Uncanny! Note: To avoid squirting ink in someone’s eye, please skim the assembly directions. You’re not in a Felix the Cat cartoon.

  • Laptop Ring Light: Joyce from Billing nicked one of these to do her makeup tutorials on the Tickety-Tock. Her followers went from 19 to 73 overnight! Why? Use this and watch all of your flaws vanish. Chins, nose hair, xanthelasmas, all gone!

  • NEXT Note Pad: The to-do list cannot be overestimated in its power to enhance productivity. Defeat your procrastination by organizing and prioritizing with the Next Notepad.

Material World box

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    Return and Refund Policy

    Sorry, but we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped.  Desk Stash is a box of curated items, so if you don’t like the box contents, then that is the perfect opportunity to gift some of the items to your friends and colleagues.


    Shipping to U.S. only.


    Shipping/handling costs are $10.50 and will be added at checkout.


    Please note: Due to limited inventory, we cannot honor requests for substitutions.

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