Previous Boxes

Spring 2020

Our inaugural box included these fantastic items! Scotch Magic Tape Dispenser - Record Player, Think Again Brain Eraser, Etched Clips from Space, This Week Sticky Roll Notes, 6-Click Multi Color Gel Pen, Camper Desk Caddy, Information Central Paper Mousepad and Emergen-C.


Fall 2020

Our brilliant and festive Fall Desk Stash Box included a Wrote-A-Note 2000 Sticky Note Dispenser, Cooper Hewitt Design Patterns Pencil Set, Mighty Pencil Sharpener, HeyBuster Photo Holder, BigBite Letter Opener, Friken' Cool Pen and a Vintage Notecard Portfolio.

Fall 2020.JPG

Spring 2021

Our Spring 2021 Desk Stash Box included two-tone soft grip scissors, magnetic page flags, Dutch Master pens, BOOK bookends, Monograph Classic Tape, a vintage typewriter coaster set and a fantastic Vespa Scooter key ring (to keep your office mates' filthy mitts from sullying your shiny Desk Stash treasures).

Spring 2021.JPG

Fall 2021

Our Fall 2021 box included Office Supply-themed Paper Plips, a Mail Letter Stand, a Bad Guy Webcam Blocker, a Really Flexible Book Light, Frixion Pen Set, and a Viewmaster Lay Flat Notebook.

Fall 2021 box.JPG

Simply Irresistible Edition (Spring 2022)

Our Simply Irresistible Edition included Paper Airplane Envelopes, Heavyweight French Index Cards, a Zero-Waste Pencil Tin, 10 Feet of Facts Measuring Tape, a Triadic Ballpoint Pen, an Executive Mini-Sandbox and Brites Color-Coded Rubber Bands.


Summer 2020

Our Summer 2020 edition had a retro vibe with lots of bright colors, vintage designs, and included a Little Big Fan, Focus Cloth Eyechart, Do-Over Erasable Highlighters, Send-A-Sound Mix Tape Greeting Card, Recycled LP Record Journal, Forest Animal Magnets, and a Color TV Sticky Memo Pad.

Summer 2020.JPG

Winter 2021

Our bright and whimsical Winter Desk Stash Box included TODAY Die Cut Sticky Notes, Astronaut Bookmark, Office Supply-Themed Pencil Pouch, MoMA Ruler, Warhol Brillo Box Memo Pad, Vintage Camera Journal and SpacedOut Push Pins.

Winter 2021.JPG

Summer 2021

Our Summer 2021 Desk Stash Box included a Where You're @ Bookmark, Bird on a Wire Mug, Double-sided adhesive tape roller, Atomic Energy Mighty Magnets, Flashy the Robot Flash Drive, B-Indie Rocker Clips and Camera Sticky Notes.

Summer 2021 edition.JPG

Express Yourself Edition (Winter 2022)

Our Express Yourself Edition included a Woodhi Wooden Postcard, an LED Pocket Light, a Design Ideas ClipNote™, Cavallini Sticky Notes, a Book Pocket, a Ceramic Blade Box Cutter and The Perpetually Late Show Undated Standard Planner.