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Hello Subscription

I always have so much fun with Desk Stash!  I’m a stationery fiend, whether it’s at home for studying or the goodies I take in to work to jazz up the office and share with my teammates — there’s something to be said for being the one with the cool post it notes, the funky tape dispenser, and so on! I was sooooo excited for some cool space-themed goodies this time around, so those were definitely the highlights for me!  I recommend this box for anyone in school, at the office, time and time again!

The Review Girls

Desk Stash consistently curates out-of-this-world boxes.  Each quarter I receive items that I would never expect to find in their boxes but are a welcome divergence from your typical office supplies.  The unique products have a way of keeping me both productive and entertained throughout this work-from-home journey.  Their box is the perfect box for anyone, from teens that want items to keep them going throughout the school year, to adults that want to revamp their desks.

Hello Subscription

Desk Stash always packs so much fun into their box.  Everything is functional and serves its purpose, but the added cheer and color they include brings it above other stationery collections.  My pencil case is always happy after I unbox the latest Desk Stash, and this would be such a great box for a student, a teacher, or anyone really.  Who doesn’t need pens or sticky notes?!  The Fall box was so much fun to open and I love that I’ll get so much use out of everything.

The Review Girls


When Desk Stash originally reached out to us, I was excited to add to my “office” supplies in order to make WFH life a little easier.  What I didn’t expect was the level of cheer Desk Stash would bring to my home.  Every season is curated with the most unique office supplies that I have ever seen.  My son and I get giddy when we see a new box on our doorstep because we know we are in for an exciting box.  Never in a million years would I expect to get this excited over office supplies.  I highly suggest you check out Desk Stash for a gift to cheer up a loved one or a gift for yourself.

The Review Girls

I am simply blown away by Desk Stash.  Every item is super unique and not at all what I would expect to get in an office supply subscription box.   I knew it wouldn’t be boring office supplies; however, I had no idea how rad this box would be.  The retro theme was curated perfectly and they took the time to pick products that were high quality while also sticking to the fun theme.  The products are items I will use for a long time and I know they will stand the test of time.  My six-year-old son even loved the box, and he isn’t one that gets excited about sub boxes that aren’t for him.  He asked that I get a box to gift his teacher since he thinks she will love everything in the box just as much as we did.  Seriously, do yourself a favor and head to the Desk Stash website.

Hello Subscription - August 19, 2020

The Summer box had a retro vibe with lots of bright colors, vintage designs, and all kinds of cool desk accessories. The fan was such a genius idea for the box and not something you’d normally think about when accessorizing your desk!  This is probably the coolest item I’ve ever received in a box…no pun intended!  I never would have thought to include something like a mini fan in a desk subscription box but it TOTALLY makes sense! It’s USB powered so you could easily plug this in at your desk for a boost of cool air during the hot months.

My Traveling Kids


Every morning, I pour myself a second cup of coffee and sit at my desk to write.   I spend hours at my desk so I like to surround myself with items to make my day easier and fun.  Since this pandemic started, I’ve been at the lake and my outdoor dining table has become my new desk.   However, I haven’t bought anything fun for my new “desk.”   I was so happy to receive a box from Desk Stash, a quarterly desk supply subscription box.


What do I love about Desk Stash?   Everyone can use desk supplies, including professionals and students.   These supplies can be used by all ages! I love that these supplies are quirky and whimsical.  They were all supplies that I loved but I would have never gone out and bought for myself…which is why I love subscription boxes!


Hello Subscription


Desk Stash is a quarterly subscription box to level up your workspace with fun, creative, and unique products.  Whether it’s at the office, the classroom, or just to keep around the house, they curate a selection of funky but functional products. 

Desk Stash’s first box was so much fun to open and explore.  I’ve already got my new pen cup, paper clips, eraser, and gel pen over at my study area, and everything they included is really unique and quirky.  Having fun stationery and supplies makes working that little bit more bearable, doesn’t it?


Office Supplies Junkie


Although I love office supplies, I rarely subscribe to subscription boxes. Maybe it’s because in the past  I’ve ended up with a hodgepodge of random supplies that sit in one of many drawers or other hideaway spots in my office, unused and rarely admired.  I was happy to find that everything in the Desk Stash box was packaged nicely. 


All in all, I think this was a good subscription box.  There were items that would appeal to office supply fans, whether you’re a nostalgic or retro office supply buff, a desk trinket or gadget lover, or a stationery fan.  I can't wait to see what the next box holds.

Not a Tree Subscription Box Reviews   ***** (out of 5)

I was really impressed with the assortment and the inclusion of a number of brands that I already know and love.

This box is a lot of fun and it’s a great way to keep your work area fresh and fun and thereby making work that much more tolerable.

Desk Stash is a great way to update and freshen your work area.  Their items are unique and never run-of-the-mill which makes this subscription so much fun!

The Review Girls

If there was ever a more perfect box for my interests, it’s office supplies.

This was Desk Stash’s first box and I must say I am thoroughly impressed.  I love the packaging of the box, the variety and the uniqueness of the products, and I can tell the effort that went behind the curation of this box.

This box is not only perfect for office supply lovers like me, but anyone who now is working from home during the pandemic.  Why not treat yourself with some unique new office supplies to spruce up the workday?  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Desk Stash.

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