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Modern Love Box


This box includes:


  • Vespa Scooter Key Ring: Ciao, baby! Affix your desk drawer key to this fantastic Vespa scooter key ring. Lock that drawer and keep your office mates’ filthy mitts from sullying your shiny Desk Stash treasures.

  • MoMA Ruler: From the Museum of Modern Art in New York. A stellar example of form + function. This is a spiffy piece of minimalist acrylic sculpture, complete with MoMA provenance.

  • Really Flexible Book Light: It's got a dimmer switch for when you're working on a red-eye flight or reading next to your sleeping S/O. And this high-quality lamp is so flexible, you'll think it was designed by a double-jointed contortionist from Cirque de Soleil.

  • Warhol Brillo Box Memo Pad: In the 1960s, Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes caused quite a stir. The last one sold in 2010 for $3,000,000! Yours is just as special, included here in memo pad form.

  • Office Supply-Themed Paper Clips: The paper clip has evolved a bit since 1899. This box of Japanese etched paper clips have been taken to a new level, now imagined as tiny works of art. Four designs, etched with laser-beam perfection.

  • This Week Sticky Roll Notes: Over 26 feet of note-taking tape to place anywhere you need a weekly reminder. Pull, tear and stick.

Return and Refund Policy

Sorry, but we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped.  Desk Stash is a box of curated items, so if you don’t like the box contents, then that is the perfect opportunity to gift some of the items to your friends and colleagues.


If an item arrives damaged, you may return it and we will send you a replacement of the damaged item.  To request a replacement item, please contact us at ​


Shipping to U.S. only.  Shipping/handling costs are $10.50 per box.

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