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Mad Love Box


This box includes:


  • Camera Pencil Sharpener: What nifty design! Please read the instructions before operating this ersatz Picoflex camera-style pencil sharpener, otherwise, you're going to have to ask Joyce from Billing for help, and you do not want to owe her any favors.

  • Where You're @ Bookmark: Even though the name of this sleek little bookmark contains a dangling preposition, you'll forgive it. Print a report, bind it with this hefty, well-designed clip, pass it to your boss and brace for that promotion.

  • Triadic Ballpoint Pen: From the MoMA store in New York comes this way-cool Triadic Ballpoint Pen. Inspired by Piet Mondrian, the simple brilliance of this sturdy implement will add some class to your workspace. Its Spanish design will summon your inner Francisco Suárez as you scribble your deep thoughts.

  • B-Indie Rocker Clips: Unleash your inner metalhead with these binder clips. Our friends in Judas Priest swear by them. In his West Midlands accent, Rob Halford has often said, "These colourful clips are stronger than BRITISH STEEL. If you don't use these, you'll be BREAKIN' THE LAW!"

  • Paper Airplane Envelopes: Lucky you! You’re holding a packet of eight vibrant yellow Briefumschlage, covered with images of nifty little paper airplanes. These bright German-made envelopes are so bold and eye-catching, even a message of condolence will carry a note of good cheer. No flap-licking required!

  • Wrote-a-Note 2000: This typewriter-style sticky note dispenser includes a handy suction pad that will help 'defer' others from 'borrowing' them.

Return and Refund Policy

Sorry, but we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped.  Desk Stash is a box of curated items, so if you don’t like the box contents, then that is the perfect opportunity to gift some of the items to your friends and colleagues.


If an item arrives damaged, you may return it and we will send you a replacement of the damaged item.  To request a replacement item, please contact us at ​


Shipping to U.S. only.  Shipping/handling costs are $10.50 per box.

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