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Doubleplus Good Box


This box includes:


  • The Perpetually Late Show Undated Standard Planner: Want to know the date on which Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah’s couch? See May 23. Filled with useless trivia you never knew you needed, this undated planner is so cheeky, so clever and so handy that it’s perfect for Desk Stash subscribers. Read this and win some contests.

  • Flashy the Robot: Meet "Flashy", the little Asimovian robot. He will dazzle you with his memory and can store your data (over 4 GB) in his chrome noggin. Introduce him to your USB port when you need him. Eventually, he'll take over the world because that's what robots do.

  • Heavyweight Index Cards: Have you been seeking French index cards in four distinctive colors? These 3x5 cards are printed with a subtle grid. Arrange your thoughts vertically and horizontally! The box contains 100 cards, handy for writing stern admonishments to temp workers and your subordinates.

  • Zero-Waste Pencil Tin: This aluminum tin has an attractive vintage vibe. It’s a spiffy addition to your briefcase or backpack. It’ll hold three fancy pens or six pencils. Or four ounces of peanuts. Or some apocalypse cash. Made of 100% recyclable materials.

  • Planet Sticky Notes: Behold the mighty cosmos! Take note of every small step & giant leap with these celestial stickies.|

  • Office Supply-Themed Pencil Pouch: It's a lined, zippered pencil pouch. 'Nuff said, except you might stuff it with small office supplies of any ilk. Pens, for instance. Tiny snacks. Go wild!

Return and Refund Policy

Sorry, but we do not offer refunds on boxes that have already shipped.  Desk Stash is a box of curated items, so if you don’t like the box contents, then that is the perfect opportunity to gift some of the items to your friends and colleagues.


If an item arrives damaged, you may return it and we will send you a replacement of the damaged item.  To request a replacement item, please contact us at ​


Shipping to U.S. only.  Shipping/handling costs are $10.50 per box.

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